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Pacific Islands — Tariff Structure Development Workshops

Key Objectives:

To train managers and engineers in the development of tariff structures that can help promote sustainable development and the use of renewable energies on the Islands.

Pacific Islands
Completed in 2014

Appropriate tariff design is critical to balancing the equation of securing an affordable electricity supply for customers as the share of the renewables increases, while at the same time ensuring commercial viability for the investors in order to create enabling conditions for further investment in the electricity sector. For this reason, the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP) teamed up once again with the Pacific Power Association (PPA) to give two workshops on tariff structure development in the region. Led by GSEP member Kansai Electric Power Co. (Japan), a first workshop was held in May 2014 in Fiji for the Southern Pacific Island utilities, while a second workshop was held in Guam in August 2014 for the Northern Pacific Island utilities. 

For Mr. Gordon Chang, Deputy Executive Director of PPA: "The work GSEP has been doing with PPA to improve local skills since 2005 has been great. The content in the workshops is always of high calibre and suited to our needs as small islands. The joint GSEP-PPA workshops have increased local utilities’ confidence in better managing different aspects of their business that in turn allows us to give a higher quality of service to customers."

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