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Thailand — Strengthening Environmental Agencies Program

Key Objectives:

To provide assistance in the management strengthening of Thailand’s environmental agencies

Completed in 2002

The Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP), in collaboration with the World Bank, the Ministry of Science, Technology an Environment (MOSTE) of the Royal Thai Government and the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) completed the program entitled "Strengthening Environmental Institutions" in 1997. Further to this first GSEP activity, the agencies of the MOSTE and EGAT expressed a desire for assistance on more specific topics, mainly related to air pollution.

A fact-finding mission took place in May 2000 to reassess the needs of the Thai counterparts. The following seven tasks were identified and agreed upon by the Thai authorities and the Partnership:

  1. Environmental control technologies
  2. Air quality monitoring systems
  3. Air quality modeling
  4. Air quality policies and regulations
  5. Acid deposition
  6. Public Involvement
  7. Noise and vibrations

All of the workshops and technical exchanges were held with great success on the following dates:

  • Air Quality Monitoring Workshop – delivered in March 2001
  • Environmental Noise Workshop – delivered in May 2001
  • Public Involvement: Policies, Processes, and Methods Workshop – delivered in June 2001
  • Air Quality Monitoring Technical Exchange to Kansai facilities in July 2001
  • Public Involvement: Tools and Techniques Workshop – delivered in November 2001
  • Environmental Noise Technical Exchange to Enel facilities in November 2001
  • Environmental Control Technologies Workshop – delivered in January 2002
  • Air Quality Modelling Workshop – delivered in March 2002
  • Acid Deposition Workshop – delivered in May 2002
  • Air Quality Policies & Regulations Workshop – delivered in May 2002
  • Technical Exchange on Air Quality Monitoring/Acid Deposition to AEP facilities in June 2002

The Ministry of Science, Technology, and Environment expressed their satisfaction with the capacity building program and technical exchanges.

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