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China — Demand-Side Management Assistance

Key Objectives:

To share knowledge and give technical assistance in modern methods of controlling power usage from the demand side.

Completed in 1997

With over 200 GW of installed capacity and an annual increase in power demand of up to 10%, the People’s Republic of China has a great interest in not only efficient generation technologies, but also in looking beyond towards energy savings and load control or demand-side management (DSM).

The Ministry of Electric Power (MEP) sought the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP) companies’ combined experience and technical assistance in modern methods of controlling power usage from the demand side. DSM will assist in reducing China’s need for construction of new power capacity, therefore reducing both the significant emissions of greenhouse gases due to increased coal combustion, as well as the expected power shortages. Furthermore, energy efficiency systems provide a return on investment to utilities by significantly lowering the capital expenditures required for the construction of new generation capacity.

As a preliminary step in November 1995, members received a delegation from the MEP for technical visits to industries that are exemplary in demonstrating the benefits of DSM programs. The technical visits illustrated both the effectiveness of co-operation between industry and electric utilities, using both high technology and effective marketing tools, and the benefits to both the client and the utility.

Experts from GSEP’s member companies participated in a fact-finding mission to China in spring 1996 to gather information on the current and forecasted status of China’s residential, commercial, and industrial energy use, tariff structure and metering, and energy conservation laws and regulations.

Based on the results of the fact-finding mission, the GSEP, together with the MEP, held a joint workshop in the city of Dalian in Liaoning Province from June 10-21, 1996. Approximately 140 representatives from power utilities across China attended the presentations from 23 member company experts in various areas of DSM. The workshop dealt with topics such as:

  • Planning and implementing DSM programs in electricity utilities;
  • Role of legislation and regulations in DSM;
  • Tariff structures, metering and incentives for load management;
  • DSM through use of high-technology applications;
  • Marketing of DSM technologies and programs.

The cooperation with the MEP extended to two rounds of technical visits for Chinese experts to member company facilities in all of the member countries during 1996-97. The MEP delegations visited each participating member company utility and their clients to receive information and training on recent developments and successes in DSM programs and technologies.

The demand deficits at most electric utilities in China are quite high, and although DSM tools may not solve the problem, significant reductions in the demand are foreseen.

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