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China — Seminar on Environmental Impact Assessments for Thermal Power Stations

Key Objectives:

To provide information and build skills on-site for the management of a typical Environmental Impact Assessment study.

Completed in 1997

The purpose of this seminar was to provide information on the management of a typical environmental impact assessment (EIA) study. It was suggested that the seminar cover the following topics:

  • process steps
  • applicable assessment methodologies and tools
  • environmental issue identification
  • potential environmental impacts of major energy supply options
  • mitigation measures
  • monitoring and follow-up.

Taking into account the suggested topics, the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP), together with the Clean Coal Engineering Research Centre of Coal Industry (CCERC), organised a seminar with the following objectives:

  • To review our member countries’ atmosphere standards and goals for emissions reduction.
  • To review internationally accepted guidelines for the preparation of environmental impact assessment reports for energy projects.
  • Develop environmental assessment guidelines for coal-type energy projects and associated methodologies, which would be feasible for China, for performing each step of the EIA process.
  • Identify and estimate potential environmental impacts, both beneficial and adverse, for coal power plants.
  • Present methods, procedures, and software used in environmental studies.
  • Present control technologies used as mitigation measures.
  • Discuss means of improving plant efficiency

The three-day seminar format provided an interactive forum that blended specific project examples with environmental assessment experience.

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