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Bhutan — Workshop on Electric Utility Management Strengthening

Key Objectives:

To provide support and strengthen electric utility management capacities.

Thimphu, Bhutan
Completed in 1999

An exploratory mission to Bhutan was held in March 1999, in conjunction with an Asian Development Bank (ADB) mission. At the suggestion of the ADB, the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership investigated the possibility of providing support to the Bhutanese Division of Power (DOP) as they underwent corporatisation. Though the upper management of the DOP supported corporatisation, they expressed concern about the need for proper training and preparation of DOP staff to successfully undertake the change. A project submission was made by the DOP following the mission.

In response, the GSEP organized a four-day workshop on Electric Utility Management Strengthening in Thimphu, Bhutan from September 27 - October 1, 1999, hosted by the Bhutanese Division of Power (DOP). Three member companies - Électricité de France, Hydro-Québec, and the Kansai Electric Power Company - presented at the workshop, on the following topics:

  • Corporate Utility Management
  • Corporate Utility Finance
  • Customer Management
  • Distribution System Planning
  • Distribution System Operation
  • System Operation Theory

Workshop participants from the DOP included all of the district managers and high-level technical and managerial staff from the head office. Other observers included the Joint Secretary of Power, the Planning Commission, and a Senior Project Specialist from the ADB.

Funding for the workshop logistics was provided by the DOP and the Canadian Cooperation Office of Bhutan.

The interactive nature of the workshop with its focus on case studies, group work and DOP presentations contributed to the great success of the event. The DOP’s strong efforts, energetic enthusiasm, and active participation also contributed to the overall success of the workshop.

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