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South Africa — Mini-Grid Assessment in South Africa

Key Objectives:

To share the results and lessons learned from a renewable mini-grid assessment in South Africa.

South Africa
Completed in 2004

In 2003, the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP) began development of a demonstration project in South Africa targeting off-grid mini-hybrid systems, with an emphasis on wind and solar power. The project aims included eligibility for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) status, replicability, financial sustainability and the practical implementation of the principles associated with economic sustainability.

After identifying promising sites, the GSEP undertook a pre-feasibility study that yielded positive conclusions, leading to a decision to pursue the project at the feasibility stage. However, due to a change in electrification plans in South Africa, the sites chosen for the feasibility study were no longer eligible for further implementation.

Nevertheless, the information and lessons learned from this study would greatly benefit similar electrification projects and programs in the region. It was with this aim of sharing experiences with interested parties that the study "Community Electricity in Rural South Africa: Renewable mini-grid assessment" was prepared and made available.

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