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Southern Africa (SAPP) — Environmental Strategy Program

Key Objectives:

To provide assistance to Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) members in drafting and implementing environmental guidelines.

Completed in 2000

The objective of this program was to assist the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP), in developing and reinforcing their environmental management capacities. The SAPP is an organisation of twelve African electric utilities assembled to plan and coordinate interconnections and exchanges of bulk electricity between their countries. The activities of this program included the drafting of environmental guiding principles, the training of environmental practitioners, and the development of specific environmental impact assessment (EIA) guidelines for transmission lines, hydropower projects, and thermal generation.

The SAPP’s Environmental Sub-Committee, the entity of the organisation responsible for environmental issues, has revised and approved the EIA guidelines for transmission lines.

A workshop on environment management and the EIA guidelines took place on February 22, 2000 in Johannesburg, South Africa and was attended by the SAPP Environmental Sub-Committee. It was highlighted that there is a clear need for more awareness of environmental issues at the management level and that each SAPP member company needs to develop in-house environmental capacities.

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