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Southern Africa (SAPP) — Environmental Management Workshop

Key Objectives:
  • To provide environmental information and expertise to Southern African utilities.
  • To promote environmental awareness and improving environmental capacities in utilities of the region.
  • To identify an action plan or strategy on how to build environmental capacity in the region.
Completed in 1998

The Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP), at the suggestion of its partner ESKOM, agreed to work together with the NGO Southern African Development through Electricity (SAD-ELEC) to develop a workshop, targeted for the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP), on the importance of promoting sound environmental management in the electricity sector in the Southern African region.

The SAPP Environmental Sub-Committee and Management Committee supported the concept of a workshop. As a consequence, a pre-workshop questionnaire was developed as a means of soliciting information from the participating utilities to allow the GSEP to effectively design the workshop. It was distributed to the SAPP utilities in December 1996.

The workshop contents included information on why the environment should be taken into consideration by utilities, as well as an introduction to environmental management tools for planning, operation, and construction phases. The workshop was held in 1998 and was deemed by all those who participated to be a great success.

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