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South Africa — Demand-Side Management Assistance

Key Objectives:

To transfer expertise to ESKOM, a South African utility, on the development and implementation of a comprehensive demand-side management (DSM) program.

South Africa
Completed in 2000

The Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP) assisted ESKOM, a South African utility, in the creation of their demand-side management (DSM) program. The goals of this initiative were met through two main actions:

  1. On-Going Advisory Services
    The GSEP team reviewed and provided comments on the DSM component of ESKOM’s Integrated Electricity Planning report, as well as other reports related to DSM such as draft DSM programs.
  2. Focus Area Technology and Expertise Transfer
    The GSEP facilitated the exchange of expertise on specific focus areas. The GSEP welcomed the appropriate ESKOM employees to their utilities to meet their experts and engage in discussions on specific focus areas that were agreed upon by the GSEP and ESKOM (e.g. DSM program design and power station efficiency).

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