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Jordan — Demand-Side Management Program

Key Objectives:
  • To raise the demand-side management (DSM) awareness level within the Jordan National Electric Power Company (NEPCO), other interested parties (e.g. Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, distribution utilities etc.), and end-use customers
  • To develop a DSM plan in the context of an Integrated Resource Planning framework in order to define the most suitable programs for implementation.
Completed in 2000

The implementation of the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership’s (GSEP) demand-side management (DSM) program began in October 1996, but the restructuring of the National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) in Jordan delayed activities for more than a year. The general project scope was as follows:

  1. The GSEP team developed the program for a workshop on DSM, coordinated the event, and participated in the workshop as presenters.
  2. Following the DSM workshop, NEPCO (with the GSEP team’s assistance) initiated the development of a DSM plan in the context of an Integrated Resource Planning framework.
  3. The GSEP assisted NEPCO in ensuring that the results of the current tariff study and changes in government regulations were considered in the DSM plan.
  4. The GSEP team assisted NEPCO in raising interest amongst appropriate stakeholders for participation in the development of the DSM plan.
  5. The GSEP team assisted NEPCO in defining the structure of a DSM technology database, and for sectors where data is not available, the GSEP team provided data from their own organizations (if applicable). The team also recommended how to collect additional data within Jordan.
  6. The GSEP team assisted NEPCO in the review of its organizational structure with respect to DSM.

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