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Egypt — Institutional Strengthening of the Power Sector

Key Objectives:

To provide a series of technical assistance training seminars on environmental assessment, renewable energy, and rural electrification management.

Completed in 2000

Further to a request presented by the Egyptian authorities, the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP) proposed a comprehensive training program covering the main areas of power management. However, because of an important reorganisation within the Egyptian power utility, the original design and planning of the program had to be adjusted and the project was delayed.

The technical assistance program consisted of specific training seminars. The first seminar was organised for the Egyptian New and Renewable Energy Authority and included a renewable energy activity in the area of solar thermodynamic plants. The second seminar was developed for the Hydro-Power Plants Executive Authority covering information sharing on environmental assessment for pumped storage.

The first seminar, on solar thermodynamic technology, was held on January 25-26, 2000, in Cairo. The seminar was complemented by technical and training visits from June 5-25, 2000 to installations in Spain. These visits were organised and facilitated by the Partnership but conducted by a Spanish company.

The second seminar, on pumped storage, took place in Cairo in February 2000 and was followed by technical visits to pumping stations in France and Italy during the week of May 8-14, 2000.

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