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Application forms

Before submitting your application, please download and fill in the forms below and attach the other documents requested. The forms should be filled in by computer or typewriter machine and submitted to the General Secretariat through the online application system. Please submit your application by uploading the requested documents and forms and clicking submit on the Online ESED Scholarship Application System.


  • Email or mail applications are no longer accepted
  • Handwritten forms are no longer accepted
  • All forms must be downloaded from the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership website.
  • Forms are no longer mailed to applicants


The application forms and checklists can be obtained, in PDF format, by clicking on the links below. These documents are to be filled in using a computer or type writer machine. The completed forms should then be submitted to the Partnership with accompanying documents.

These PDF documents can be viewed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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