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The Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership is presided by a Board of Directors (BOD), comprised of a high-level representative of each member company, usually the Chairman or CEO. GSEP "Chairmen", as the members of the BOD are called, meet in person once a year during our Summit.

Under the BOD, the Management Committee meets several times a year to ensure the group’s orientations and actions. Members of the Management Committee, also called Sherpas, are executives from the member companies. The Project Committee is responsible for reviewing ongoing projects and analysing new requests for assistance. The Policy Committee discusses GSEP’s participation in international events, general policy positions for GSEP activities and examines issues surrounding both sustainable energy development and climate change. These committees meet at least twice a year. Capacity Building and Project Teams are established for each specific activity.

The General Secretariat, located in Montreal, Canada, provides support to and coordination of all the Partnership’s activities.

General Secretariat

The General Secretariat assists the Committees and supports all Partnership activities.

Requests for assistance from developing countries, development banks, international organisations, or from interested governments are generally channelled through the General Secretariat.

Capacity Building Teams

A major activity of the Partnership is related to the preparation and delivery of sustainable energy-related workshops or seminars for developing countries.

A capacity building team is composed of experts from the participating member companies. The team works with the beneficiary at the conceptual level of a project and strives to build problem-solving tools and human capability that will remain in the beneficiary country after the project is complete.

See Capacity Building activities.

Project Teams

Since 1995, a number of renewable energy projects have been implemented by the Partnership, with several more in the pipeline, all as actions to increase access to electricity and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG).

Each project team is comprised of experts that are carefully selected to advise and manage a construction and/or a procurement project. The project team also attempts to transfer knowledge, as well as to teach problem-solving tools and human capability that will remain in the beneficiary country after the Partnership’s project is complete.

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